5 packaging designs that make you want to spend money…

posted by Phill Allen

November, 29th, 2017

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5 of the most interesting packaging designers ever!

If you could package the excitement over these super cool packaging designs, you need a pretty big package. It’s the little things in life and, when you specialise in packaging design, it’s hard not to pay a referential doff of one’s cap to others at times.
A brilliant design, after all, will often consider aesthetics, branding, safety, logistics practicality and even re-usability
Here’s 5 of the most memorable packages we’ve ever seen:
1. NYC Spaghetti
Ever fancied a noodle up the Chrysler building?
packaging design
(Image Source: Alex Creamer)
2. AMPRO Bottle
This bottle design, which also serves as the glass, is so fine you’ll have to have a drink of wine.
(Image Source: AMPRO)
ampro bottle design
3. Antismoke pack
Feel like a smoke? You won’t when you pick up this pack.
antismoke packaging design
(Image Source: Reynolds and Reyner)
4. Hanger Tea
Fancy hanging around for a cup of tea? You will when you see this …
hanger tea packaging design
(Image Source: Yanko Design)
5. Juice Box
Taking the idea of juice box quite literally, this tasty packaging uses the fruit skin as part of its design
juice box packaging design
(Image Source: slwshin)

What do you think of these designs?

Like us, are you blown away? Or have you happened across a design so impressive, that the above need packaging away and putting in the basement.
Tell us your comments ….

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