4 ways plastic containment ticks the right bioprocess boxes

posted by Phill Allen

May, 16th, 2017

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4 ways plastic containment ticks the right bioprocess boxes
Traditionally, businesses have used steel bioprocess containers to store and ship valuable media. Increasing numbers of biopharmaceutical managers are now embracing single-use plastic solutions.
Why? Because the lightweight, stackable, collapsible design optimizes the transportation of fluids,buffers and media along your in-process storage and handling supply chain.

ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess containers are:

  • 1. Stackable: Space saved in storage & shipment equals money saved across your operation.
  • 2. Easy to handle: Unlike steel equivalents, plastic containment & manual handling go hand in hand.
  • 3. Foldable: Fold & collapse the containers to save space in return shipment, reducing shipping charges.
  • 4. Cost effective: Plastic bioprocess containers are considerably more cost-effective than the steel counterparts.

Ready to remove the kinks from your supply chain?

To find out how ALLpaQ bioprocess containers massively reduce costs and optimise bioprocesses, let’s talk:


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Phill Allen

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