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posted by Phill Allen

November, 15th, 2019

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ALLpaQ, market leaders in the fabrication of folding plastic bioprocess totes, recently supplied 50L 2D bag trays and dollies to one of the UK’s leading blue-chip pharmaceutical companies.

Alongside its range of shipping, storage and in-process solutions, ALLpaQ helps pharmaceutical companies optimise all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits.

“From discovery, development, clinical testing to manufacturing; your research and drug development process is unique,” said ALLpaQ’s head of global sales, Keith Raper. “That’s why we deliver the customisation businesses need to optimise their in-process supply chain, from clinical development stages through to commercial scale.”

Mr Raper added: “We recently supplied 50L 2D bag trays and dollies to one of the UK’s leading blue-chip pharmaceutical companies. The units are in use at one of the company’s UK sites within one of the R&D laboratory facilities.”

“The unique bespoke design enables stacking up to 5 high with easy movement around the facility.”


The ALLpaQ range of 2D bag trays go up to 50L. They are perfect for cell culture media and buffer solutions.

Because your process is unique, standard won’t always cut it. So our custom solution enables the creation of trays modified to optimise your process needs.


ALLpaQ stainless steel dollies simplify the transportation of containers.

We also supply modified versions with the Master Mover standard coupling. This allows usage in confined spaces for easy handling.

ALLpaQ also supplies dollies with load cells to transport and weigh liquids during filling and discharging.

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ALLpaQ empowers scientists around the world in solving complex daily challenges. We have a proud history of designing innovative pharma solutions to help you manufacture, store, ship and protect valuable media, buffer solutions and bioprocess liquids.
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