10 reasons you should choose ALLpaQ liquid pharma totes

posted by Phill Allen

November, 17th, 2021

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With a timeline that dates back over a decade, ALLpaQ is the market leader in the design and supply of liquid pharma totes. Innovative totes and bioprocessing equipment backed by expert support means you can always be confident of delivering your projects on time and on spec. 

As our customers attest: we have fluid management in (the single-use) bag. 

When it comes to liquid pharma totes, there are a number of options out there on the market. So it’s important you find the right partner to simplify the handling and processing of bulk liquids. 

Why choose ALLpaQ?

Well, Team ALLpaQ does it all. And, unlike many other vendors, we do it in-house. 

All aspects of your product development, fabrication, dispatch and ongoing support will be in our hands. We’ll take the time to get to know you, to understand your process, requirements, timelines and goals. That way the team can fabricate custom solutions which optimise all aspects of your fluid management supply change.  

Need more convincing? Not a problem. We’ve rounded up 10 quickfire reasons our customers love us… and you will too. 

ALLpaQ has an expansive standard range of liquid pharma container totes, but can make any shape and size to fit the requirements of the buyer. Check them out here

Sure, our standard range of liquid pharma totes rock and they are diverse enough to fit a multitude of applications. In some instances though, your up and downstream bioprocessing needs will be so precise that we’ll customise an existing member of our tote fleet to match your exact requirements.

Find out more about our customisation service here

Maximise warehousing and shipment for space and cost optimisation. 

Fold units after bag decanting to save valuable after use in warehousing and in return shipment.

ALLpaQ pharma liquid totes are smooth sided inside and out, delivering heightened hygiene benefits both at an operational and process level generating shorter production run times.  

ALLpaQ’s wide-range of shipping, warehousing and cleanroom liquid pharma totes can be updated to every bag format and brands available on the market, from 2D and 3D bioprocessing bags, to matching bag port positions  for filling, draining and processing. 

ALLpaQ liquid pharma totes come with two pallets at the base. This is unique. The bottom base is for your forklift, whilst the top base is for bag tubing. 

Keep your liquid totes in rotation for years and, to expand the lifespan of your fleet, individual panels can be replaced should they become damaged. 

Any end-of-life products are recycled and injected back into future developments.

Lightweight plastic is user friendly for operations.

But it’s not about us…

…It’s about you. And we’d love to hear about your project and discuss all the fantastic things we can do to empower you to knock it out of the park. Our fluid management specialists are standing by to talk.

Let’s change your life (sciences) today. 

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An in and outside the (bioprocess) box thinker, fluid management specialist Phill knows a thing or two about keeping pharma liquid logistics flowing.

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